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With the Free & Online URL Decoder tool, you can effortlessly decode the encoded URL into a human-readable format or encode the decoded URL.

URL Decode online tool works by taking a URL encoded string and converting it into a regular URL string by decoding special characters.

The standard URL can be encoded using the PHP url_encode function or encoded via javascript or using our Online URL Encode function.

The encoded URL contains only those characters that can be quickly passed via the query string to avoid confusing browsers in query string data and URL.

What is URL decoding, and how it works?

URL decoding is the reverse operation of the URL encoding process.

URL decoding is nothing but merely converting the encoded URL string into its standard or readable form. It replaces a set of percent (%) and hexadecimal values (that are done for the encoding process) to convert it into standard or regular representation.

How to decode the URL by using a Free & Online URL Decode tool?

To decode the URL. Perform the following steps.

  • Open the Free & Online URL Decode Tool.
  • Enter the URL, or use the "Load from URL" or "Browse" option for getting the encoded URL.
  • Click on the "URL Decode" button in case you want to decode the encoded URL.
  • Click on the "URL Encode" button in case you want to encode the decoded URL.
  • The result will be shown in the upper section.
  • Please copy the output and paste it into the desired location.

How to use the Load Sample Data option in the URL Decode tool?

Checking the result by using the sample data is beneficial. Because not only it shows you the output but also removes the ambiguity that you may have.

For using that option, do the following steps.

  • Click on the "Load Sample Data" button.
  • It will show you the encoded URL in the upper section. For example, the encoded URL looks like this, http%3A%2F%2Furl-decode.com%2Ftool%2Furl-decode.
  • Click on the "URL Decode" button to decode that encoded URL. You will get the result in the form of http://url-decode.com/tool/url-decode.
  • Suppose you want to encode that decoded URL again. Click on the "URL Encode" button. You will get the result in the form of the same encoded URL that first appeared when you click on the "Load Sample Data" button.
  • You can even type the special characters like the "$" sign and see what value you will get by encoding it. In the "$" case, its encoded value is %24.

Note: You can encode and decode the same URL several times.