Email Obfuscation

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Email Obfuscation is a free online tool that helps you to obfuscate your email address. It allows you to hide your email from the crawlers and the spambots while remaining visible to the site visitors.

What is Email Obfuscation?

Email Obfuscation means using the methods and the techniques to modify the email string that appears on your website to hide from the crawlers and the bots crawling your website. But at the same time, it makes it visible and readable for the site visitors as much as possible.

Why is Email Obfuscation essential?

You cannot ignore the importance of having an email account. Today, email is still considered a vital source to convey information and to attract potential customers. Even in B2B audiences, email is the third most influential source of information.

Large organizations have their professional business email address. Because on one end, it represents your brand, and on the other end, it increases your presence in the market.

The majority of the work, like research, tracking, analysis, finishing touches, formatting, and integrating feedback, and much of the sizeable organizational work, is done through emails.

Almost all employees spend 11 hours a week going through their work messages in their email inbox.

Today, people are pretty selective in opening emails because it contains marketing and spam emails. No one wants a large number of useless emails in its inbox. And in a large organization, where you receive a large number of emails regularly, and if it includes spam emails, it will ruin your whole day and work efficiency.

In 2015, Google claimed that it could block 99.9% of the spam email, and the ratio of spam emails in the incoming emails is 0.05%. But that was in 2015. Currently, that ratio has increased. Therefore, Google limits the number of emails that you can send and receive each day. It also limits the number of recipients that you can add to your email.

Therefore, email Obfuscation is adopted to hide the email address from the crawlers and the bots that visit your website.

Still, at the same, it makes it active and available to the visitors that are visiting your website.

Because having the email address or the contact form on your website, through which the visitors can reach you, send a positive signal to Google and positively impact the user experience.

Techniques to Obfuscate Your Email Address to Reduce Spam

Several techniques are adopted to obfuscate your email address to reduce spam. Some of them are as follows.

  • Changing the email format or address munging: That method is simple and easy to adopt. You replace the "@" character with [at] and "." symbol with [dot] in your email string. Your email address will look like this support[at]example[dot]com
  • Hiding contact detail in the image: Instead of using the contact, you upload the image in the footer section containing your email address to contact. But the problem is that visitors will not be able to get you by clicking on the image, and there are chances that bots are intelligent enough to read the text inside an image.
  • Using the contact form: Another way to hide your email address from the bots is to use the contact form rather than giving the email address. Different contact forms are available in various formats. And also help you to get more information from the user.
  • Using Google reCaptcha: One of the best ways to distinguish between humans and bots is to use the Google reCaptcha. With time, Google even makes the process lot more comfortable. In the latest version, ReCaptcha v3, the process is performed at the backend. Users do not even know that any validation check is performed. And all the bots are detected and distinguished from the humans.
  • Using Unicode standards: Computers understand the numeric language. Unicode standards contain a table where the number (regardless of the language) represents every character and letter. Each character or letter is assigned a number to replace each letter with its number from the Unicode table.
  • Using JavaScript: One of the best ways to obfuscate your email address is to use Javascript techniques. There are several techniques to output the text, but the simple and easiest way is to use the document.write() method. The best part of that technique is that it does not slow down your page and makes the bots crazy to target other resources. And the user can still click on the email address and redirect to their inbox for the email.

How to obfuscate your email address by using an online Email Obfuscation tool?

To do this, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Email Obfuscation Tool.
  • Enter the Email address in the "Email" section.
  • Enter the display text in the "Link Text" section that you want to display to the user against your email address.
  • The tool will automatically obfuscate your email address and shows the result in the "Result" section.
  • Under the "Result" section, you will get the HTML Preview of your email address.

Do we keep a copy of your email address?

Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of any email address that the user uploads to perform the email obfuscation.