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The free and browser-based online Text to Array JS Tool helps you create the JavaScript array from text lines. Just copy and paste the text lines, and convert them into a JavaScript array.

JavaScript and its importance

If you want to become a front-end developer, then you must have command of these three languages. These are the three layers of the website cake.

HTML: because it creates the basic structure of the webpage. It establishes the bones of the webpage. That, ultimately, reflects the skeleton of the webpage.

CSS: provides style to each element on the webpage.

JavaScript: makes simple/common web element to interactive element. So, in today's world, you cannot deny the importance of JavaScript. Because creating a website that looks interactive is of utmost importance now and results in a better user experience and eventually leads to better SEO ranking in Google.

Brendan Eich created JavaScript in 1995 that was recruited by Netscape. Initially, Javascript launched with a different name LiveScript. JAVA was trending at that time, so they rebrand their name from LiveScript to JavaScript, and it worked.

JavaScript (JS) is a scripting or programming language used to make your webpage more attractive or interactive. That language adds complex features to your website, making it a more interactive and better user experience. But JavaScript is not limited to adding interactive behavior to your webpages. You can also develop web and mobile apps, build web servers, develop server applications, and create simple in-browser games. But, just coding is not enough. Your code must follow standards, and it should be error-free. So this tool will help you validate or lint your JS code before the final submission.

How to convert text into a JavaScript (JS) array?

To convert the text into a JavaScript (JS) array, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Online Text to Array JS Tool.
  • The tool gives you the option to copy and paste the text data.
  • After uploading the text, click on the "Create Array" button.
  • The tool will convert the text into a JS array and show you the output in the "Result" section.
  • Please copy the resulted JS array, and paste it into the desired location.

How to use the "Load Sample Data" option in Text to Array JS Tool?

First, always use some sample data to check the working of the tool. To check the working of the Text to Array JS Tool, do the following steps.

  • Click on the "Load Sample Data" button.
  • The sample data in the text format will appear in the upper section.
  • Click on the "Create Array" button to convert the text into a JS array to get the sample result.

Do we keep a copy of your source text?
Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of the source text or any other user input.

Note: We do not keep a copy of the resulted code. Therefore, please copy the resulted code and paste it to the desired location for future use if you are happy and satisfied with the results.