Web Hosting Bandwidth Calculator

SEO is not the same as a decade ago. With time, Google is introducing more factors concerning SEO ranking by keeping in mind the user experience. Because for Google, the user is the boss. A study shows that Google almost considers 200 plus factors in SEO ranking.
One of the vital factors that shape the user experience is page speed. The statistics show that 50% of the website users expect the page to be load within 2 seconds. And 53% of the users will probably leave the web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Does hosting affect speed?

Different factors are involved in page speed. Suppose any person faces the problem regarding slow page speed. The first question that pops up is what hosting provider you are using. Suppose you have optimized all the other factors related to page speed, but ignore that single factor. All your previous efforts are in vain.

How does bandwidth affect website performance?

No doubt, a better hosting provider plays a vital role. But more important is what plan you have purchased or would like to purchase from the hosting provider? 
The website performance is directly related to bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth, the data transfer becomes faster, so as a result, page speed improves.
 How much hosting bandwidth do I need for my website?
For a starter or an experienced webmaster, the first question that comes to mind is how much hosting bandwidth do I need for my website? The Web Hosting Bandwidth Calculator is a solution to that question. 

How do I calculate how much hosting bandwidth I need?

For that, you have to follow few steps

  • Go to the web hosting bandwidth calculator
  • Enter the average page size in MBs.
  • Enter the average daily visitor
  • Enter the average pages per visit
  • Click on the calculate button
  • Your monthly hosting bandwidth estimation is there.

Hosting bandwidth calculation example

Suppose my website's average page size is 2 MB. With average daily visitors is 200, and the average pages per visit are 3. Then my estimated monthly bandwidth quota is 36 GB.
Is 2 GB bandwidth sufficient for a website? It depends on the website you are maintaining—with a simple website, having no adequate file downloading option. That seems to be sufficient. 
Why is my website bandwidth so high? Each file on your website has some specific size. When the browser requests for the URL to the server. Each file related to that URL is downloaded on the browser. The more the HTTP requests, the higher the bandwidth.
How do I reduce bandwidth usage? To reduce the hosting bandwidth, consider the following.

  • Decrease the number of HTTP requests to the server. 
  • Reduce the size of the images.
  • Better to use the JPG or PNG format.
  • Minify your CSS and Minify HTML code.
  • Aline all the CSS files into one file, and all the JS files, into one file.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and snippets from your website.