HTML Encode

With HTML encoding, convert the HTML code into a format easily transmitted over the internet. It is a way to make sure that the browsers will accurately show HTML code. 

The process of HTML encoding replaces the special characters in HTML with a particular 'escape sequence' of characters that the browser understands and knows how to display, So it does not affect the rendering of the HTML code.

ASCII character set is used as a standard character set on the internet. HTML encoding converts the document that contains the characters outside the ASCII range into the standard format. 

The HTML encoder converts all applicable characters in HTML to their corresponding HTML entities to preserve their meaning. 

The HTML encoding makes sure that the browser correctly displays the text and should not interpret the text as HTML.

Suppose the text string contains these signs < and >. To ensure that the browser does not interpret these signs as an opening and closing tag of HTML. The HTML encode function is performed.

How to encode the HTML code by using the HTML encode online tool?

For encoding or decoding the HTML code, do the following steps.

  • Open the HTML encode online tool.
  • Enter the HTML code, or use the "load from URL" or "browse" option for getting the code.
  • Click on the "Decode" button in case you want to decode the encoded HTML Code.
  • Click on the "Encode " button in case you want to encode the decoded HTML Code.
  • The result will be shown in the upper section.
  • Please copy the output and paste it into the desired location.

How to use the load sample data option in the HTML Encode tool?

Checking the result by using the sample data is beneficial. Because not only it shows you the output but also removes the ambiguity that you may have.

For using that option, do the following steps.

  • Click on the "load sample data" button. 
  • It will show you the decoded HTML code in the upper section. For example, the encoded HTML code looks like this, 

    My First Heading

    My first paragraph.

  • Click on the "Encode" button to encode the HTML code. 
  • Suppose you want to decode that encoded HTML code again. Click on the "Decode" button to perform that function. 

Note: You can encode and decode the same HTML code several times.

What characters are HTML encoded?

Character Entity name Description
" " quotation mark
' ' apostrophe 
& & ampersand
< < less-than
> > greater-than
    non-breaking space
¡ ¡ inverted exclamation mark
¢ ¢ cent
£ £ pound
¤ ¤ currency
¥ ¥ yen
¦ ¦ broken vertical bar
§ § section
¨ ¨ spacing diaeresis
© © copyright
ª ª feminine ordinal indicator
« « angle quotation mark (left)
¬ ¬ negation
  ­ soft hyphen
® ® registered trademark
¯ ¯ spacing macron
° ° degree
± ± plus-or-minus
² ² superscript 2
³ ³ superscript 3
´ ´ spacing acute
µ µ micro
· · middle dot
¸ ¸ spacing cedilla
¹ ¹ superscript 1
º º masculine ordinal indicator
» » angle quotation mark (right)
¼ ¼ fraction 1/4
½ ½ fraction 1/2
¾ ¾ fraction 3/4
¿ ¿ inverted question mark
× × multiplication
÷ ÷ division
À À capital a, grave accent
Á Á capital a, acute accent
  capital a, circumflex accent
à à capital a, tilde
Ä Ä capital a, umlaut mark
Å Å capital a, ring
Æ Æ capital ae
Ç Ç capital c, cedilla
È È capital e, grave accent
É É capital e, acute accent
Ê Ê capital e, circumflex accent
Ë Ë capital e, umlaut mark
Ì Ì capital i, grave accent
Í Í capital i, acute accent
Î Î capital i, circumflex accent
Ï Ï capital i, umlaut mark
Ð Ð capital eth, Icelandic
Ñ Ñ capital n, tilde
Ò Ò capital o, grave accent
Ó Ó capital o, acute accent
Ô Ô capital o, circumflex accent
Õ Õ capital o, tilde
Ö Ö capital o, umlaut mark
Ø Ø capital o, slash
Ù Ù capital u, grave accent
Ú Ú capital u, acute accent
Û Û capital u, circumflex accent
Ü Ü capital u, umlaut mark
Ý Ý capital y, acute accent
Þ Þ capital THORN, Icelandic
ß ß small sharp s, German
à à small a, grave accent
á á small a, acute accent
â â small a, circumflex accent
ã ã small a, tilde
ä ä small a, umlaut mark
å å small a, ring
æ æ small ae
ç ç small c, cedilla
è è small e, grave accent
é é small e, acute accent
ê ê small e, circumflex accent
ë ë small e, umlaut mark
ì ì small i, grave accent
í í small i, acute accent
î î small i, circumflex accent
ï ï small i, umlaut mark
ð ð small eth, Icelandic
ñ ñ small n, tilde
ò ò small o, grave accent
ó ó small o, acute accent
ô ô small o, circumflex accent
õ õ small o, tilde
ö ö small o, umlaut mark
ø ø small o, slash
ù ù small u, grave accent
ú ú small u, acute accent
û û small u, circumflex accent
ü ü small u, umlaut mark
ý ý small y, acute accent
þ þ small thorn, Icelandic
ÿ ÿ small y, umlaut mark