View HTML Source Code


A free online SEO tool that instantly fetches and displays the HTML source code of any web page on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

What do you mean by source code?

In computer language, the source code is a collection of the codes or the programming behind any specific webpage. The code can be with or without the comments, but any programming language is written in a human-readable format that lies behind any particular web page called the source code of that webpage.

Why is the source code necessary?

The view of the source code of any web page serves you in many ways, like in programming, search engine optimization (SEO), and educational purposes.

Programmers usually fetch the source code to solve or troubleshoot the problems related to programming.

In search engine optimization (SEO), you view the code to check whether

your code meets the search engine's standards.

Nowadays, the main focus of search engines is on user experience. So they prefer a website in SERP with a better user experience.

One example is the minification of your HTML and CSS code. The title, description, and other tags you use on your web page are essential in SEO, and they help the search engines crawl the web page smoothly.

The learners can get a lot of help from the source code, like

  • To see how it works?
  • The standards or format that is adopted in the programming of the specific webpage.
  • What methods are adopted in troubleshooting the particular problem?

How to view the source code?

The simple command you use for this purpose is "CTRL + U" in your browser window. Or "right-click" on the browser window, go to "View Page Source" to view the source code.

But in the case of viewing the source code of any webpage on Android and iPhones, the process, as mentioned above, seems to be quite problematic and challenging to perform.

To overcome this problem, the programmers come with an online view HTML source code tool.

How can you view any specific web page's source code using an online View HTML source code tool?

To view the source code online, you have to do the following steps.

  • Open an online view HTML source code tool.
  • Enter the URL of the webpage whose code you want to view.
  • Click on the "View Source Code" button.
  • The tool fetches the source code and displays it in the "Result" section.
  • You can either view the code in the "Result" section or copy the code to paste it into the desired location, as per your ease.

Do we keep a copy of your code?

Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of any web page's code that the user enters for getting the source code.