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Suppose you are initiating the coding for the project. From the start, you can write the code in a proper format. But if you already minified the CSS code, you can do it manually, re-writing the code, or use the online CSS formatter/beautifier tools for that purpose.
It is always better to use some online tools to beautify/format/un-minify the code because it gives you the desired results within no time.

How to beautify/format the CSS code by using the online CSS beautifier/formatter tool?

You can beautify/format the CSS code by doing the following steps.

  •  You can either copy-paste the CSS code, load it from the URL, or use the browse option to upload it.
  •  Click on the options button. To add or subtract the options, as per your requirement.
  •  The resulted code will be shown in the "Result" section.
  •  Please copy the code and paste it in the desired location.

How to use the load sample data option in CSS beautifier/formatter Tool?

Coding is crucial. A little mistake sometimes gives devastating results. 
The load sample data option is quite helpful in this way to check the results that the beautifier/formatter can give. 
For that, 

  • Click on the "load sample data" button.
  • A sample data will be shown on the upper portion.
  • Click on the "Options" button. And select the options from the dropdown, as per your requirements.
  • The result will be displayed in the "Result" section.

What is formatting in coding means?

While writing the code, the programmer generally tends to do it with the best possible.

  • Properly format the code by adding the line breaks, spaces. 
  • Add the comments as a clue so that in the future, it can be helpful.

But the addition of these elements is considered extras in the eyes of computer devices and search engines. These additional components take the space in the code file and increase the size of the code file.  The bigger the file, the more bandwidth it consumes. 

Why formatting the code is necessary?

People generally ask, is code formatting necessary?
Formatting the code is quite important. It looks like an organized structure when someone reads the code. Eye appealing/catching and easy to read for the reader. Even though you are an experienced programmer and do not properly format the code, your job will be even at stake.

What are the benefits of formatting the code?

The formatting of the code helps you in

  • Easy to communicate your intent to the reader.
  • Easy to read.
  • Quick readability.
  • Organized structure for navigation.
  • Provides clear readability.

SEO and today's market trends

With time, SEO is continuously evolving. The Google standards are considered as a benchmark in the market. Having a better rank in Google guarantees you a better position in all the other search engines.  But getting a better rank from Google is not an easy task.  It is a wise saying, always create content, and design a website by keeping an eye on your target audience, because for Google, the user experience matters.
Google now considers almost 200 factors in SEO ranking. One of the factors that shape the user experience is page speed.
 Minification is considered one of the essential factors that help reduce the size of the code by eliminating the additional elements, to make the file size smaller.  Smaller file size means less load on the server, which results in better page loading speed and accessibility.

Do we keep a copy of your CSS code?

Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of the CSS code that the user uploads for the formatting process.
Note: The term beautify/format/un-minify the code, uses in the same sense.