With JSON Diff, validate, format, and compare the two JSON documents.

    Directly upload the JSON code, compare and find the difference between two JSON objects.

    Why do we need to compare the code?

    Ask the same question to yourself; why do you need to compare the two objects. The answer would be relatively straightforward.

    We compare the two things or the objects to find the similarities and dissimilarities between two given objects or things.

    We also compare the code in the same regard.

    • First, to recognize the structure and hierarchy of the code.
    • Second to get the similarities and differences between both codes.

    But one thing to understand, it is not easy to code. Because a little mistake affects the code's performance, it also takes time to find the code's actual problem. The solution to the problem is to use some online tools to compare the files.

    What is JSON, and why we need it?

    JSON stands for "JavaScript Object Notation" it is a famous syntax for storing and transmitting the data. That format is highly adopted for sharing the data over the internet. The web services and APIs use JSON format extensively for providing public data.

    Due to the following reasons, JSON is getting famous over time.

    • It is a lightweight data interchange format.
    • It is widely adopted and accepted by browsers.
    • It is a text-based, human-readable format for representing the simple structure data.
    • The data can be easily shared because the data is stored in the arrays.
    • Its syntax is understandable; that is why it is preferred over XML.
    • JSON files take less space, which makes them fast and results in better execution.

    Note: It is always preferred to validate your JSON code by using an Online JSON Validator. Especially when you are dealing with a complex data structure, it is preferred that you must check whether your data is valid and it is providing you the desired result or not.

    How to use the JSON Diff or JSON Compare Tool for comparison purposes?

    JSON Diff is a powerful online tool that helps validate, format, and compare the two JSON documents.

    To make the comparison, do the following steps.

    • Open the JSON Diff tool.
    • Two columns are there. Upload the JSON files that you want to compare in these columns.
    • Click on the "Compare" button.
    • It will briefly analyze both codes, and the tools find any difference. It will highlight the differences.

    How to use the Load Sample Data option in JSON Diff and Compare Online Tool?

    The load sample data option is quite helpful in this way to check how the tool works.

    • Click on the "Load Sample Data" option.
    • Two different JSON codes will be uploaded on both columns.
    • Click on the "Compare" button.
    • It will provide you the differences that both JSON codes have.

    Do we keep a copy of your source code?

    Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of the source code that the user pastes for the comparison process.