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From a simple online converter, convert your images from JPG to PNG format using proper compression methods.

Importance of images and websites

Let's talk about any website, whether it's related to e-commerce, or any other blogging website, or even the forums. From the logo to their content on each page, you will see the images.

Even the oldest websites have images in their content. And images consume almost 60% of the total bandwidth of the website. That is why websites use image resizers or plugins to resize their images, so the images do not affect their page loading speed.

But the question still exists, why is everyone more focusing on the image?

The human brain and image processing

The answer to all the above questions is human brain functioning. Because the human brain processes image 60 thousand times faster than then texts, a large part of the human brain focuses on visual processing. It can identify the familiar object within 100 milliseconds, so images are more reliable and the fastest source to communicate the information.

There is a wise saying: A picture can communicate information that thousands of words unable to speak. Today people have limited time in which you have to communicate your content to the people. That is why, today, your advertisement industry has shifted from text ads to visual ads.


PNG stands for Portable Graphics format, and JPG(JPEG) stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is linked to the group that created JPEG standards.

But the most significant edge that PNG has over JPG is that PNG is lossless compression. That means it will not lose its quality each time you open and save the file. On the other hand, JPG is not lossless; it is a lossy compressed format. So it is always advised to store your line drawings, iconic graphics, and text in PNG format.

One other factor because of which you have to use the PNG format. It is that some websites only allow you to upload the images in PNG format. That is why even you have to convert the JPG file to PNG format.

How to convert JPG to PNG by using the free online JPG to PNG converter?

The answer to your question, "how do I convert a JPG to a PNG for free?" is given here.

For doing this, you have to follow the given instructions.

  • Open the Online JPG to PNG Converter.
  • Click on the "Browse" button to upload the image in JPG format.
  • After uploading, it will automatically convert the JPG file to PNG and download it to your device.

Do we keep a copy of your image?

Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of the image that the user uploads to convert JPG to PNG format.