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Instantly converts Hex value to RGB color value or vice-versa using a simple online Hex to RGB color converter tool.

What is RGB?

In simple words, RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue color. And these are the primary color of the light.

How does RGB colorwork?

RGB are the primary colors of light, and the RGB color model is an additive color system; the additive means that the more you add, the more you get closer to white. As opposed to RYB, a subtractive color system, the subtractive means that the more you add, the closer you get to black.

What are the RGB values?

The RGB value represents red, green, and blue color intensity. And each intensity usually comes from a 0-255 scale. The photo editing and graphic designing software like Photoshop, Adobe illustrator or fireworks, represent or show the color in RGB format.

Why do RGB values range from 0 to 255?

Each channel (Red, Green, and Blue are channels) represents one byte of data as one byte equals 8 bits. And one bit represents either 0 or 1. So 28 = 256 possibilities for each color. Since 0 is included. So it is from 0 to 255.

What is Hex color?

Hex color is the hexadecimal (words, numbers, or combination of both) representation of the color, concerning its mix in Red, Green, and Blue.

Hex color codes start with the hashtag (#) sign, followed by six letters or numbers. These six letters/numbers are the representation of the mixture of red, green, and blue. The first two letters/numbers represent red, the second two letters/number represent green, and the last two letters/numbers represent Blue. Hexadecimal code is used to define the color on web pages. These hexadecimal color codes are HTML color codes.

Hex Color Codes vs. RGB Color Values

Hex colors are web-safe colors. So no matter what browser or device you will use, it will render and display the same color on all browsers and devices.

Web designers primarily use hex color codes to design the website, logos, banners, and ads. On the other hand, RGB is the primary color of light and is used in monitors, television screens, cameras, and digital cameras.

Let's explain the whole process with the help of a simple example. Suppose you are a graphic designer working in a software house. A client comes to your software house for web design and its development. First, you create a beautiful web design. As I told you earlier, the photo editors and graphic design software show the RGB format color.

After the client's approval, you send that design to the web development section for further process.

For defining the color on the web page, you need the Hex color code because Hex colors are web-safe colors. How can you ensure that the developer develops the website in the same format in which you design it? And it refers to the exact colors you mentioned in your design. To overcome this ambiguity, you will convert the RGB value into the Hex color code.

How to convert the Hex color codes to RGB color values using an online Hex to RGB color converter?

For converting the Hex color code to an RGB value, do the following steps.

  • Open the Hex to RGB color converter online tool.
  • Paste the Hex color code. (without using # sign)
  • Click on the "Convert" button.
  • It will not only provide the individual color value of Red, Green, and Blue. But also provide you in RGB(150,50,50) format so that you can use this in your CSS style sheets or HTML inline styles or in any other software that supports RGB codes.