HEX to Pantone


Instantly converts HEX value to Pantone value by using a simple online HEX to Pantone converter tool .
If you open the dictionary to check Pantone's meaning, you will come to know that it is a system or standard used for color matching in specifying printing inks.
Let start with a simple example. Suppose you are the owner of a company that wants to create the logo for your company. You hired the designer and told the designer that you want that "red" color as a theme color for your logo. But you have not described the designer to use which shade of "red" color? After creating the logo, the designer prints that color with a printer, so the output will be the same as you desire.
That is just one example; thousands of other use cases are there. That is why we moved towards the proper standard system. To remove the ambiguity and to standardize the use of colors.
The Pantone is the answer to all the questions.
Before Pantone, every printing company had its color guide. It depended upon how the ink company translated that color. To some, the red may be darker, and for some, it maybe not. So it was widely adopted as a color space for several industries.

What is Pantone?

Today, we need a standard so everyone can adopt in every aspect of our life.
The thought to have the standard in the color system was first converted into practical work, in 1963, by the development of Pantone as the first color matching system.
Pantone, in simple words, it is the standardized and the world adopted color system that helps you in color matching and its identification.
That system consists of 1087 solid colors. In Pantone, the majority of colors are represented by three or four digits numbers followed by C (coated), U (uncoated), and M (matte). These variations help the designer check how the color looks or displays these different kinds of papers?

What are the benefits of using Pantone?

When people talk about the Pantone colors, they refer to the colors provided in the Pantone Matching System (PMS) . Many industries largely adopt that system. People can reference the Pantone color code to make sure that the color matches without any ambiguity.
Its wide-spread adoption emphasizes its role in the world of colors.
So the Pantone brings color standards and consistency in working between a client with designers and in printing and ink-making companies.

What is HEX color?

HEX color is the Hexadecimal (words, numbers, or combination of both) representation of the color, about its mix in Red, Green, and Blue.
HEX color codes start with the hashtag (#) sign, followed by six letters or numbers. These six letters/numbers are the representation of the mixture of red, green, and blue. The first two letters/numbers represent red, the second two letters/number represent green, and the last two letters/numbers represent Blue.
Hexadecimal code is used to define the color on web pages. These Hexadecimal color codes are HTML color codes.

HEX Color Codes vs. Pantone

It's essential to know the difference between different color modes because they help plan and optimize your design process stage.
HEX colors are web-safe colors. So no matter, what the browser or the device you will use, it will render and display the same color on all browsers and devices.
HEX color codes are primarily used by web designers to design the website, logos, banners, and ads. On the other hand, Pantone is used in printing and fashion designs, and today, many industries highly recognize and broadly adopt that system.

HEX to Pantone conversion

Our online tool is available that facilitates you to convert HEX color codes to Pantone.
How to convert the HEX color codes to Pantone by using an online HEX to Pantone converter?

  • Open the Hex to Pantoner Conversion tool.
  • Enter the HEX color code value in the "HEX" section (without using the # sign).
  • You can also use the color picker to pick the HEX color.
  • Select any "Distance" value from (16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96) from the dropdown.
  • The tool will display the results, depending upon the distance value that you select.
Note: The distance value helps you in getting your desired color. Having the smallest distance value allows you to get the Pantone color closest to the HEX color code value you selected. Suppose you do not get the desired color. You can increase the distance value to get more color options.