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Copy and paste the text. The online word counter tool instantly counts the words, characters with or without spacing and helps you convert the text into upper, lower, and proper cases.

Importance of words count

From the term words count, What is the first thing that ever comes to your mind? The majority of people would remember the time, sitting in the examination hall, writing an essay on a specific topic.

Today, there are different ways to express information or feelings, or thoughts. One way is written texts or documents.

From social media to SEO, from blog posts to corporate documents, our primary focus is to use the words that attract the potential reader and deliver the content's true essence to our reader.

Beginners and experts in content writing tend to write the content within a specific word limit, which highly depends upon your targeted audience.

Words count and social media

Do you know

  • You can use 63,206 characters in your Facebook post.
  • Tweeter allows you to use 280 characters in your tweet. Previously, it was 140 characters.
  • In Instagram captions, you can use 2,200 characters, and it provides you the facility to add 30 hashtags in your whole post.
  • In the case of LinkedIn, it allows you to have statutes of 700 characters long on company page posts and 1,300 characters on individual accounts.

Each social media has its guideline regarding the maximum character length, and with time they are changing that limit by keeping in mind their targeted audience.

Reasons why word counts matter in SEO

There is a wise saying, write the content for the reader, not for the search engine.

The writers should write the content by keeping in mind the targeted audience; the content should be the one that resonates with the reader. The user experience is one of the essential factors that affect the SEO ranking for Google. The content should not be too small to fail to deliver the topic's true essence and should not be too long to make the user bored and leave the page.

In 2012, a study was conducted regarding the correlation between the blog post's length and its impact on SEO ranking. It was concluded that having a blog post with 1,500 characters length is helpful in SEO. Recent studies show that today, the blog post length should be 2,100 to 2,400 words for getting a better rank in SEO.

Having that many words in a blog post

  • It gives the reader a worth sharing content.
  • Having a detailed blog post enhances your content authority.
  • It keeps your reader engaged, which reduces the bounce rate.
  • Increase the engagement, reduces the too long, did not read factor.

Why is an online word count tool important?

Suppose I told you to write a blog post minimum of 2,000 characters in length. Would your focus be on the target audience and deliver the detailed informational post? Or you waste your time counting the words manually. Everyone focuses on the target audience and a thorough, informative post.

To overcome that tedious and time-wasting practice of manual word counting. The online word count tool plays an essential role in this regard.

How to use the online word count tool for counting the characters?

To use that tool, do the following steps.

  • Open the online word count tool.
  • Enter the text. The word count tool provides you the information regarding Characters (without spacing), Characters (with spacing), number of Words/Sentences/Paragraphs, and Average sentence length of the entered text.
  • You will get the keyword density report on the right-hand sideā€”the information of each keyword's count and its percentage in the entered text.
  • By clicking on the "More" button, you will get that report in a popup to copy it for further use.
  • You can also convert the text to upper case, lower case, proper case and keep the entered text in the same format.
  • You can even search and count the specific word in the entered text using the search option.
  • It helps in checking the spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in the entered text.

Do we keep a copy of your document?

Protecting user privacy is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of the text or the document that the user paste for word-counting purposes.