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What is Morse Code? Morse code is a technique used in the telecommunication sector to encode text messages in electronic pulses' standardized sequences. Usually called the short pulse and the long pulse. The short pulse is also called dot/dit. And a long pulse is also called dash/dah.
Samuel F. B Morse developed the Morse code in 1830. He started working on the electric telegraph in 1832, which was developed into a practical system in 1844.
In 1944, Morse presented his technology in front of Congress, and the first message was transmitted on May 24, 1844. That message was "What God hath wrought." and he patented his technology in 1849.
The developed Morse code and the developed system for that code went through a series of transformations. That resulted in the code that we have today. At the start, the Morse code only transmitted the numbers. The transmission receiver then had to use the dictionary to translate it into numbers. Later, more letters were included.
Today, the Morse code covers the Latin letters, some non-Latin letters, English letters from A to Z, some non-English letters, Arabic numbers, and a small punctuation set. There is no difference between the upper case and lower case letters.
The sequence of dots/dits and dashes/dahs represents each symbol in Morse code.
In the 1800s, Samuel Morse laid down the foundation for the Morse code when working on an electrical telegraph system responsible for sending the electric current pulses and electromagnets. His code used that pulse and broke it to transmit the information. The Morse code was standardly globally accepted in 1865.

According to the International Morse Code or Continental Code

  • The dot duration is the basic unit of time measurement.
  • 1 dash = 3 dots
  • The space between parts of the same letter = 1 dot
  • The space between letters = 3 dots
  • The space between words = 7 dots
  • To learn it, and to be specialized in it, you need to practice it as much as you can.

What are the advantages of understanding the Morse code?

  • Morse code can be transmitted using sounds and light, therefore making it more useful at sea.
  • Understanding the Morse code is helpful, especially when no special equipment is available, especially in emergencies.
  • The code helps in poor signal conditions when it is almost impossible to decode the human voice.
  • This code is no longer required to get a US pilot's license or air traffic controller's license, but those people still understand that code. Because in an emergency, they may have to use it.

How to use the Online Morse Code Translator?

To convert any text string into Morse code. Perform the following steps

  • Open the Online Morse Code Translator.
  • Paste the text in the upper section.
  • It will automatically convert the text string into Morse code and displays the result in the "Result" section.
  • You can copy the Morse code, and you can use the "Play" button to listen to the code.

Note: We do not keep a copy of the resulted code. Therefore, please copy the resulted code and use it in the desired location if you are happy and satisfied with the results.