Letter Generator - Generate Random Letters From A to Z

A Random Letter Generator is a free online browser-based letter(s) generator tool that allows you to generate random letter(s) from a to z, set, or the sequence of the group of alphabets from a to z. 

The random letter picker is beneficial in brainstorming. It helps to go beyond your boundaries, pick a random letter, and develop something unique.

You can use that tool in several ways.

  • The teachers can use that tool to improve their students' vocabulary by generating the random letter(s) and asking them to create the words from that letter(s) and use them in their message.
  • The tool helps the students write and improve their creative skills. The teacher can assign them to write some entertaining stories from the letters generated by a random letter picker. Suppose a teacher generates ten letters. It can give them the project to write some entertaining stories where each line starts with each letter provided and generated by that tool.
  • You can use that tool in playing word games where you have to create the word from any random letter(s). Because the letter(s) are randomly generated, it makes the game fair without your influence. The tool will help any game that includes the letter(s).

How to use the Online Random Generator Tool?

To use that tool, perform the following functions.

  • Open the Online Random Generator Tool.
  • Please add the "Number of random letter sequences to generate." Suppose you want to generate "10" letters, then add "10" in that bar.
  • Select the "Length of each random letter sequence." Suppose you want each letter to contain "3" alphabet, then add "3" in that bar.
  • Select from alphabets "a to z," set, or the sequence of the group of alphabets from a to z. 
  • Click on the "Generate" button. It will generate the letter(s) on your provided requirement.

What are the numbers of letters in the alphabet?

There are currently 26 letters in the English alphabet. But in the past, there were 27 letters. That 27th letter was "Et" and now referred to as an "ampersand" or more commonly "and." It is now on the computer's keyboard with the symbol of "&." It was part of the alphabet until 1835, and it came after Z.