Remove Empty Lines

Online Remove Empty Lines Tool is a free tool that automatically removes all the empty lines from the text or string. You instantly can remove or eliminate the undesired or abnormally inserted multiple empty lines or blank lines from your text, string, or supplied file. This simple Blank Line Remover tool finds the blank lines in your text and removes them from the text.

Why are empty lines essential for reading?

Even though that question is old, people still ask why you use the blank line(s) in your text file or code?

The answer would be simple: the blank line (or two) is essential because it helps you visually separate the logical blocks in the text file or the code. Your main objective is to make your code or text readable to a human. 

The study shows that the subjects scored 20 to 30 percent higher on the comprehension text when the programmer adds the line break (or multiple) in its code when programming, rather than the code that does not include the blank spaces. 

You can count the same in the case of a text file as well.

The logic is simple; you include the line breaks in your text file and code to make it readable to the human eye. But having multiple blank lines between two paragraphs no doubt put a negative impression on the reader. 

Why removing the blank line(s) is essential?

The human(s) and system(s) both read the file differently. As I discussed earlier, you add the line breaks and blank spaces to make your text readable to the human eye. The reader can understand your text's hierarchy and convey the message you want to convey to the reader. 

But systems read the file differently; they read every element of your file. Even the file includes the line breaks, commas, blank lines. They still consider it as an element. That is why these are considered extras in the eye of the system. That not only increase the file size but also affects its performance and efficiency.

Therefore, you must remove the abnormally inserted blank spaces from your text. If the file size is small, you can manually perform that task yourself or take another person's help. However, if the file size is large, it will no doubt take time to perform such a task, and there maybe there is a chance of human error that it is unable to complete the job as required.

Then it is better to take help from any online tool. 

You can use the free Online Remove Empty Lines Tool.

To do this, please, perform the following steps.

  • Open thefree Online Remove Empty Lines Tool.
  • You can either copy-paste your data, use the "Load From URL" option, or "Browse" to upload the data or the file.
  • Click on the "Remove Empty Lines" button.
  • It will instantly remove all the undesired or abnormally inserted blank spaces from your text.
  • Please copy the resulting text, and paste it into the desired location.

How to use the Load Sample Data option in the free Online Extra Space Removal Tool?

To use that option, do the following steps.

  • Click on the "Load Sample Data" button.
  • The sample data will appear in the upper section, for example, on clicking the "Load Sample Data" button. The following sample data will appear.

    Dear User




  • Click on the "Remove Empty Lines" button. You will get the following result.

    Dear User




Do we keep a copy of your provided string or the text?

Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of your provided string or text that the user paste to remove the empty spaces or blank spaces from your supplied file or text.

Note: Free Online Remove Empty Lines Tool remove all the undesired or abnormally inserted blank spaces from your text or supplied file. However, keep the standard line break as it is. You can also remove the line breaksextra spaces, and duplicate lines from your text or string.