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Use Binary to Text Translator to translate binary data into plain text that humans can read and understand. It is a free online tool. Enter the binary code of any length. It will translate that to English text that humans can easily understand.

Binary Number System

In mathematics, the number system is used to write and express the number. Or it is a mathematical way to describe the number of any given set by using digits and symbols. The number system is used to define the magnitude of any quantity.

The base value is the value representing that number system. That is the maximum number of digits or combinations of digits and letters used in that particular number system.

If the base value is 2, it is called the binary number system. In a binary number system, the digits 0 and 1 are used to define the number. That numbering system is adopted by the digital devices and understands only "on," and "off" conditions where "0" means Off and "1" implies On condition.

The binary number system keeps the calculations simple. In the digital system, the bit is used as the smallest measuring unit to quantify the data. It contains a single binary value 0 or 1. It is the basic building block.

One byte is equal to 8 bits. That means 8 bits (1 byte) are used to encode a single character of the text.

Binary to String Conversion

As discussed above, the computer understands, stores, and presents data in binary format (0 and 1), which the human brain cannot understand.

The binary encoding system uses eight bits to digitally represent the alphabet's values, numbers, and punctuation.

It is impossible to memorize the binary code of each letter. Even for the small and upper case letters, different binary codes are used.

For word "A" (in the upper case) is described in binary code as 01000001. and the word "a" (in the lower case) is defined in binary code 01100001.

Computers cannot understand the human language, and humans cannot understand the binary form (0 or 1).

How can humans convey their instructions to the computer or how, in return, computers communicate their results to humans in a human-readable format? Therefore, the binary to string conversion is essential.

Online conversion tool V/S Manual conversion

The digital world makes things relatively easy for us. And with time, bringing new revolutions and easiness in our lives. We have moved from estimated or near to estimated calculations to accurate or exact calculations.

When you come across the information written in 0s and 1s, it will become tricky to convert it into the human-readable format.

In manual conversion, you first convert the binary to decimal and then decimal to ASCII format (English text). That is a time-consuming and lengthy process. And there is always a chance of human error. It is always preferred to use some online conversion tools in this regard.

ASCII text encoding vs. UTF-8 text encoding

ASCII text encoding uses a fixed 1 byte for each character. In contrast, UTF-8 text encoding uses a random number of bytes for each character.

How to translate Binary to String by using an online Binary to String translator?

For translating the binary data to text, do the following steps.

  • Open the Binary to String translator.
  • You can either copy and paste the data or use the "Load from URL" option or use the "Browse" option to upload it.
  • After uploading the data, click on the "Convert" button to get the text format of binary data.
  • You can also use the "Load Sample Data" option to upload the sample binary data and check its result in text format.
  • You can also convert the String to Binary form; you can use Text to Binary translator.

Note: To get accurate English text, please write or paste the correct binary code.