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The best & free online CSV to JSON converter converts the CSV string/CSV file format into the JSON string/JSON file format.

Please copy and paste the CSV data, or upload the CSV file to convert it into a JSON file format.

What is CSV, and why is CSV used?

CSV is a comma-separated values file, is a delimited text file that shows the values, separated by commas. Each line in the CSV file contains the record, and each record contains the fields, separated by commas. In simple, it stores the tabular data in plain text format.

That file format is highly adopted by the companies that want to export a high volume into a more robust database, such as customers or orders data, to and from your database.

Even the social media platforms, like Google and Facebook, positively support that file format for uploading the customer data into their advertisement platforms.

What is JSON, and why is JSON used?

JSON stands for "JavaScript Object Notation." It is written text in JS object notation, used to transfer the data on the web.

When we transfer the data between the browser and the server, the data should be in the text. And JSON is text.

You can easily convert the JS object into JSON form and send it server, and the result that you received in JSON form can easily be converted to JS object.

The JSON format is highly adopted by the web services and the APIs to provide public data. However, JSON is in itself an independent language. It uses the JS language standards only and does not depend upon the JS language for reading or writing.

However, to confirm that your JSON structure is according to the standards provided by JavaScript-oriented notation or not. You must validate your JSON code. And it's always better to minify or beautify JSON code as per your requirements.


  • JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, and CSV stands for comma-separated values.
  • JSON is used to store and transfer the data on the web; CSV is used to convert the tabular data into the plain-text form and export a large amount of data from and to the database.
  • However, JSON is less secure than CSV and consumes more space than CSV.
  • But no doubt, JSON is more versatile than CSV but less compact as compared to CSV files.

How to use the best & free online CSV to JSON converter?

Conversion is fun. The online tools help convert the CSV string/CSV file format into the JSON string/JSON file format.

To do this, do the following steps.

  • Open the best & free online CSV to JSON converter.
  • You can either copy-paste the CSV code, use the "Load from the URL" option, or use the "Browse" option to upload the CSV file.
  • After uploading the CSV data, click on the "Convert to JSON" button to convert the CSV file format into the JSON file format.
  • You can get the CSV data in JSON form in the "Result" section.
  • Please copy the code, and paste it into the desired location.
  • You can also use the online JSON to CSV converter to convert the JSON data into CSV format.

How to use the Load Sample Data option in CSV to JSON converter tool?

First, always use some sample data to check the working of the tool. To check the working of CSV to JSON converter, do the following steps.

  • Click on the "Load Sample Data" button.
  • The sample data in the CSV format will appear in the upper section.
  • Click on the "Convert to JSON" button to convert the CSV file format into JSON file format to get the sample result.

Do we keep a copy of your source code?

Protecting user trust is our top priority. We do not keep a copy of the source code that the user input into the CSV to JSON conversion.