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Free online volume unit conversion tool that converts liter, cubic meter, gallon, quart, pint, bushel, barrel, and support other conversions.

What is the volume?

In simple, the volume is defined as the quantity of a space occupied by the object. It means that volume is the object's size in terms of its height and width and length. 

The water determines the volume of the hollow object that it can hold in itself.

In mathematical terms, the volume is the amount of three-dimensional space occupied by the object. For example, space that shape or substance occupies/captures, or contains.

So, the general formula to calculate the volume is

Volume= length x width x height

Are capacity and volume the same?

The capacity is defined as a quantity of liquid required to fill the tank or container, generally expressed in units like liter(L), milliliter(ml), etc. In math, the capacity and volume are considered as the same thing.

What is the basic unit to measure the volume?

Cubic meter, the SI-derived unit, is used as a basic unit to measure the volume.

The other units to measure the volume are liter, fluid ounce, gallon, quart, pint, tsp, fluid dram, in3, yd3, barrel. In other words, we can define the conversion factors of the volume.

But in our daily lives, we mainly use the cubic meter, liter, gallon, pint, and barrel.

Online conversion tool V/S Manual conversion, which one is better?

After the technological advancement and revolutionization in the IT sector, things have dramatically changed. The humans are replaced with a machine because the machines work on the given algorithm, and their accuracy to work is far better than the humans. 

In human work, there is always the change of human error that affects the accuracy of results. The online conversion tools are the solution to that problem. That provides accurate results within no time. 

How to use the online volume unit converter tool?

Doing manual calculation make things quite challenging for you.

The online volume unit converter tool makes your life easy. You have to enter the amount and select the unit you want to convert in the left column. In the second column, you have to choose the measuring unit in which you want to convert. The online tool will provide you the exact calculations within no time.

Note: The US gallon is different from the UK gallon. The same goes for bushel, pint, quart. So please carefully select the measuring unit from which you want to convert, and in which you want to convert, for accurate results.

How to convert 1 barrel of oil to litter by using an online volume conversion tool?

The first question that arises, how many litters are in one barrel?

We hear two terms in our daily life, especially in news channels, is barrel and litter—for example, Today, the oil price in barrel increases that much in US dollars or vice-versa. And the change in oil prices in barrels impacts the price of oil in the litters also.

The fastest way to convert the 1 barrel of oil to litter is by using the online conversion tool.

Suppose you want to covert 1 barrel of oil into litters(l). Enter the amount 1 in the left column and select the barrel from the table. On the right-hand column, choose the litter(l) from the table, in which unit you want to convert. You will get the result in the form of 158.987294928 litters(l).

So, 1 barrel = 158.987294928 litters