Length Converter - Convert between Length Units



Length unit conversion tool helps you in online conversion of meter, foot, inch, yard, kilometer, mile, and support many other conversions.

Why was the need for some standard unit for measurement of the item required?

Since time, different methods were adopted by the people to measure items. With time, people recognized the need for a standardization scale adopted in the measurement process. New methods introduced, standards developed, figures calculated. That eventually leads to the current system of conversion. 

What is the length?

 Suppose I told you to measure the length from one end to another end. You will take a measuring scale, calculate it, and provide me with some distance measuring unit.

In other words, the length is the measurement or extent of something from one end to another. 

The measuring unit is compulsory for every calculation, and the same goes for length.

What is the unit of length?

 The unit of length can be defined as any arbitrarily, internationally accepted, and chosen standard to measure the length.

 In terms of length units, two standards are widely used in the modern world. US customary units in the US and metric units elsewhere. 

What is the smallest unit of length?

 The millimeter(mm) is the standard smallest metric unit of the length.

What is the largest unit of length?

 The largest unit of length that is widely used is gigaparsec (Gpc). One gigaparsec is equaled to one billion parsecs.

What is the longest unit of length?

 The kilometer(km) is a standard and longest metric unit of length. It is most commonly used to measure the extended distance from one end to another end. 

How many meters go into a kilometer?

 First, the question arises, which is bigger? Meter, or kilometer? The answer is

 1 kilometer(km) is equal to 1000 meters(m).

 1 meter is equal to 0.001 kilometers (km).

 To convert 1 meter to a kilometer, multiply the meter value by 0.001 or divide by 1000.

What is the usage of a length unit?

 Today, in every day of our life, we need measurements.

- From the construction to the purchase of simple items from the market. 

- To make the payment of wages to mercenaries.

- To measure the distance from one end to another end.

- For traveling to calculate speed in terms of kilometer/hour.

- To calculate the time you need to move from one end to another, the speed you need, and the distance you need to travel. 

- The calculation of the fuel you required. The distance that your vehicle will cover, in terms of some measuring unit of fuel.

The measurement of the item, in some length unit, plays a vital role in this regard.

How to use the length unit conversion tool?

 Doing manual calculation make things quite challenging for you.

 The online length unit conversion tool makes your life easy. You have to enter the amount and select the unit you want to convert in the left column. In the second column, you have to choose the measuring unit in which you want to convert. The online tool will provide you the exact calculations within no time. 

How to convert meter(m) to kilometers (km) using an online length unit conversion tool?

The fastest way to convert the meters to kilometers is by using the online conversion tool.

 Suppose you want to covert 5000 meters to kilometer. Enter the amount 5000 in the left column, and select the meter(m) from the table. On the right-hand column, choose the kilometer(km) from the table, in which unit you want to convert. You will get the result in the form of 5 kilometers(km).


Note: The same process goes in terms of conversion from the meter(m) to centimeter(cm) and meter(m) to feet(ft).