Online Energy Converter

The Free Online Energy Converter helps you convert one measuring unit of energy into another measuring unit. You can convert between Joule, Calorie, Electron volt, Foot pound-force, Kilocalorie, Kilowatt-hour, Ton of TNT, Watt-hour, etc., and support many other conversions. Instantly convert one unit to all others.

What do you mean by energy?

Energy means the power or the strength required to sustain the physical or mental activity. However, a quantitative property is transferred to an object to perform an action or heat that object, called energy.

Energy is the ability to do work. Therefore, we can compare two person's energy and conclude that one person has more energy than the second person.

According to the conversion law, energy can be converted to a different form, but it is neither created nor destroyed.

What is the unit to measure the energy?

The SI-derived unit Joule (J) (kg m2 s−2)is used to measure the energy. However, other measuring units like

  • BTU (mean)
  • BTU (thermochemical)
  • Calorie (SI) (cal)
  • Calorie (mean)(cal)
  • Calorie (thermo)
  • Electron volt (eV)
  • Erg (erg)
  • etc., are used to measure the energy. Still, the most famous ones are joule, dyne, kilowatt-hour, and horsepower.

What is the smallest unit of energy?

Planck's constant represents the smallest energy unit. It is a photon that moves at light's speed. It is equal to 6.62607004×10−34 J·s.

Types of Energy

The energy is divided into the following main types.

  • Kinetic energy: is associated with the moving object. And its formula is KE =1/2×m×v2 (where m=mass of the object, and v=velocity of the object).
  • Potential energy: is associated with the object position in the force field. And its formula is PE =m×g×h (where m=mass of the object, g=gravitational force, and h=height of the object).
  • Elastic energy: is associated with the solid object when it is stretched.
  • Chemical energy: is associated with fuel burning.
  • Radiant energy: is associated with energy that carried the light.
  • Thermal energy: is associated with an object's temperature.

How to convert Kilowatt-hour (kW hr) to the Joule (J) (kg m2 s−2) using an online energy unit converter tool?

An online energy unit converter tool makes the conversion process easy. You can easily convert one measuring unit of energy to another measuring unit within no time.

To do this, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the Online Energy Unit Converter Tool.
  • Enter the amount 1 in the first column.
  • The second column, "Select from," select Kilowatt-hour (kW hr) as a measuring unit from which you want to convert.
  • In the third column, "Select to," choose Joule (J) as a measuring unit in which you want to convert.
  • Click on the "convert" button; the result will be 3600000 Joule (J) within no time.

Therefore, 1 Kilowatt-hour (kW hr) = 3600000 Joule (J).

Note: You can adopt the same conversion procedure between Joule (J), BTU (mean), BTU (thermochemical), Calorie (SI) (cal), Calorie (mean)(cal), Calorie (thermo), Electron volt (eV), Erg (erg), Foot-pound force, Foot-poundal, Horsepower-hour, Kilocalorie (SI)(kcal), Kilocalorie (mean)(kcal), Kilowatt-hour (kW hr), Ton of TNT, Volt-coulomb (V Cb), Watt-hour (W hr), and Watt-second (W sec).