Electric Current & Voltage Converter

The Electric Current and Voltage converter is an online unit conversion calculator that helps you convert one measuring unit of electric current & voltage into another measuring unit. The tool supports ampere, coulomb, volt, watt, weber, franklin, and many other conversions.

What does the energy supply index mean?

Most people are not well aware of the term energy supply index.

The energy supply index is the framework to assess the quality of the energy supply accessed by households.

Different countries use different energy supply indexes. The index measures the three main energy supply dimensions.

  1. Household fuel
  2. Electricity
  3. Mechanical power

For example, the United States has an energy supply of 110 volts. Simultaneously, the other countries of Europe have an equivalent energy supply index in ampere and coulomb.

Today, almost every device we use is charged with electricity, like mobiles and laptops that are always with us during our travel from one country to another country.

But what if you have to charge your devices in a country with a different voltage level. It would be best to have appropriate and relevant information about the voltage converter. Thus it's best to have the best electricity and voltage converter for precise conversion.

What is a universal voltage converter?

Electricity is still a mystery for us. We all know that the voltage supply in the US is different from that of other European countries. The plugs and outlets are different in other countries.

To turn on the electric device, you need a power supply of 110 volts or 220 volts in AC.

But the question is, what is the suitable voltage supply for your device.

If the energy supply is 110 volts and you need 220 volts, you need a step-up transformer, and if you need a low voltage that is compatible with your device, you need a step-down transformer.

The universal voltage converters help you in this regard. Somebody must gather the necessary information before buying the converter. The most important thing is to know the specific country's voltage supply in which you want to travel.

You do not need to spend the money on the converter, which does not satisfy the results. The proper conversion from one measuring unit of electricity to another must be necessary to perceive transformation and make accurate decisions.

The universal voltage converter is developed for people who want to travel and face voltage difference problems. For example, the 220 to 110 volts voltage conversion solves your problem.

Online conversion tool VS Manual conversion

The digital world makes things relatively easy for us. And with time, bringing new revolutions and easiness in our lives. We have moved from estimated or near estimated calculations to accurate or exact calculations.

The online electricity current & voltage conversion tool plays a role in correct and instant results for precise conversion. It helps you convert between ampere, coulomb, volt, watt, weber, and franklin, supporting many other conversions.

How many amperes in 1000 milliamperes?

One ampere = 1000 milliamperes


One ampere = 1000000 microamperes

How to use the online Electric Current & Voltage converter?

Doing manual calculation make things quite challenging for you.

The online electric current and voltage conversion tool makes your life easy. You have to enter the amount and select the unit you want to convert. Then choose the measuring unit you wish to convert in the second column. The online electric current and voltage converter will provide the exact calculations. It helps you convert between ampere, coulomb, volt, watt, weber, and franklin, supporting many other conversions.

How to convert ampere into kiloampere by using an online time conversion tool?

The online electric current and voltage converter tool help and makes the conversion easy.

Suppose you want to covert 1 ampere into kiloampere.

  • Open the online electric current and voltage converter tool.
  • Enter the amount 1 in the first column.
  • In the second column, "Select from," choose ampere as a measuring unit from which you want to convert.
  • In the third column, "Select to," select kiloampere as a measuring unit you wish to convert.
  • Click on the "convert" button; the result will be 0.001 kiloamperes within no time.

So 1 ampere = 0.001 kiloampere.

Note: You can adapt the steps mentioned above to convert between ampere, coulomb, volt, watt, weber, franklin, etc.